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A true story

I met a guy while visiting a friend at her shop recently and told them the magical story of my kitty. Afterwards he told me his magical pet story.

The guy and his wife were out of town for a few days and a neighbor was watching their dog. His wife woke up out of a dream a few days into their vacation and was freaking out: their dog is going to die!

He thinks she is just having a nightmare.

She keeps repeating, “Call the neighbor! Call the neighbor!”

He says, “The dog is NOT dead! It’s only a dream.”

She says, “It’s not a dream. He’s not dead YET! Call the neighbor!”

He is thinking that she’s crazy, but to appease her, he calls the neighbor, who goes out to check on the dog.

The neighbor discovers that the dog had gotten loose and while attemping to jump out of the yard became stuck on a fence with its collar and was slowing choking to death.

The dog was saved!

The guy said from that point on he would always listen to his wife.

Moral of the story: Guys should listen to their psychic wives!

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In Arizona many small dogs are abducted by coyotes, sometimes during the day and with their owner standing a few feet away. A family invented pet body armor after losing their pup to a coyote: CoyoteVest.com

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