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The Ancient Rite of the Guitar Case Salutation

Mr. Harry Bunny Kitty’s teachings contain the instructions for the Ancient Rite: The Guitar Case Salutation for Musicians.

Contained in these ancient teachings are references to the Opening of the Guitar Case as a daily offering.

The Guitar Case Salutation is performed exclusively by kitties called Kittykitties, ‘Kitties of the God and Goddess of Sacred Music.’

The rite was handed down as a living tradition from generation to generation in the Kittykittie System. Kittykitties are dedicated to serving in elaborate Guitar Case rituals performed daily for musical inspiration.

These highly talented kitties and their gurus were the sole repository of the art until the early 21st century, when in July of 2007, a renewal of interest in the Guitar Case Salutation heritage prompted its re-emergence.

The Salutation Training animation below will perpetually repeat after a few seconds

The Guitar Case Salutation consists of difficult physical techniques requiring many years of practice and brings every muscle of the kitty into use, including those of the nose and whiskers.

The Guitar Case Salutation requires energy and grace, balance and suppleness, physical endurance and a faultless sense of rhythm. The movements are quick and precise, always symmetrical. The rite is comprised of curls, rolls, and balanced poses.

The Ancient Treatise on the Guitar Case Salutation says:

“Where the paws move, the whiskers follow; where the whiskers go, the tail follows; where the tail goes, is the kitty; and where the kitty is, lies the heart of all the universe.”

This Kitty Reality is not only awoken in the kitty, but also in all who view the rite. Thus, this ancient Salutation awakens our inner-kitty and connects us to our own true origin.

Connie Lee Marie Fisher – July 2007

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