I found the strangest thing when I woke up to the fresh snow on New Year’s Eve day, Jan 1, 2019.

Just before I took the photo above, I stepped out onto my porch and was surprised to see snow everywhere. The first thing I noticed were small footprints on my porch steps… little four inch long footprints of a tiny shoe, with a heel, and a pointed toe. It almost looked like there was a little bell impression in the snow on the end of that pointed toe!

At first I thought it was one of the neighborhood children but I could see that the snow leading to the gate and on the driveway was untouched. It really did look as if a fairy or elf had landed on my porch… very cute!

And then I saw the little footprints in the snow all around the rosebush next to the porch, as if those little feet had danced around it a few times!

Sometimes it’s just good to remember that the world is really magical, even though we may not notice it most of the time!

Happy New Year!

Postscript: One of my friends thought that perhaps mice had made the prints in the snow, but I’ve never seen mice with such big feet!

Original mouse painting by Agata Dudek. I added the white rose!


The snowstorm of December 31, 2014 – Verde, Valley, Northern Arizona

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