Quick Fix for a sluggish toilet that has a weak flush, or no flush at all!


How to test for clogged up siphon jets:

Get a bucket of water, and pour it in, and see if it will flush.

If it flushes, this means that the siphon jets are clogged up and there’s not a clog in the pipe under your toilet, which is very good news!


This will only take a few minutes to do.

You’ll need two or three cups of vinegar.  Any type of vinegar will work, regular white vinegar is good, 6% cleaning vinegar will work even better!

You can also add  baking soda to the vinegar to make it stronger. I would add the baking soda (not all at once) a heaping tablespoon or two in the cup with the vinegar to get it to fizz up.

Take off the top of the toilet. It will look like this inside:

The white pipe in the center is the overflow stand pipe.

With a cup or measuring cup, or even a paper or plastic cup squeezed to make a spout, pour the vinegar into that white pipe. The vinegar will flow down into the toilet siphon jets, under the lip of the toilet, like in the photo below. Don’t worry if it gets into the tank, it won’t hurt it.

Siphon Jets

Let the toilet sit for 1.5 or 2 hours or overnight. (I always put the lid down and place something on the lid to remind me not to use it.)

The vinegar will loosen up any clogs in the jets.

If the toilet still seems sluggish after doing this, you can repeat this fix a few more times. Old toilets love this vinegar fix.

How to Use Vinegar to Clean Almost Everything

If after the vinegar fix the flush is still weak, try a toilet bowl cleaner instead of vinegar – for a  ‘problem’ toilet of a certain age!

Zep Acidic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Remember to always clean with a brush under the lip of the toilet since that helps to wash away hard water deposits that will clog up your siphon jets, especially on older toilets.

I hope this quick fix solved your problem!