Mike Valenzuela - Arizona

In 1985 I met Mike Valenzuela, an Aztec medicine man who lived in Tempe, Arizona. Michael was a very extraordinary man and I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to study with him. I honor his wisdom and teachings.

The following is the text in a brochure from Mike Valenzuela’s office in 1985.

Mike Valenzuela, an Aztec Indian, was chosen by his grandfather, a renowned medicine man, to receive instruction in the natural ways of healing. When Mike was three years old he went to live with his grandfather in Altualta, near the Mexico-Guatamala border. The grandfather took Mike as a young child for the purpose of instilling in his fresh mind the pure and ancient knowledge of his lineage. For fifteen years Mike studied and practiced the secret teachings which have been passed down through the centuries.

By putting his hands on the body Mike has the ability to perceive where the body is not functioning properly. Some of the many techniques that he uses to help the body heal itself are pressure points and manipulations. It is possible for him to do this because the body contains all the fluids and chemicals needed to keep it healthy. This earth also provides all that is necessary to achieve good health and maintain strength. Usually Mike will prescribe a particular herb, food, or drink to assist the healing process.

Mike does not take personal credit for healing. He knows it is a gift and he is only an instrument for channeling the great power that surrounds us and is pervasive throughout the universe.

Newspaper articles about Michael Valenzuela (1985)