vintage root man

I had a bizarre dream the other night. In my dream, I was eating some food that looked like brown pudding. My spoon hit something solid at the bottom of the bowl, so I pulled it up to the top with my spoon. It looked a lot like a little mushroom, but it had a tiny face and some short skinny legs that reminded me of an insect! The little face was very unhappy. And then it started to tell me how bad it was feeling. Then, mercifully, I woke up!

The first thing I thought of was—Genetically Modified Foods! I’d like to know exactly who’s and what DNA are they using to make this stuff?

Dr. Stanley Plotkin (considered the ‘grandfather’ of modern vaccine programs) gives a legal deposition on January 11, 2018 stating under oath that aborted fetal body parts and other questionable ingredients are used in the manufacture of vaccines.

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