I had a super magical thing happen near the Verde River in Northern Arizona on Sunday, Dec 13, 2020.

I was hiking by the river near my home and found a deer trail there. I’d been exploring that area in detail for a few weeks  and this little deer trail led to a beautiful spot.

I was inspired to sing a Sanskrit invocation I had learned many years ago. As I sang it, many birds appeared and were flying over my head and thru the sky and trees! All different sizes, species and colors! It was absolutely amazing!

Throughout the years I have noticed that birds, bunnies, and butterflies LOVE Sanskrit songs when I’m singing in nature.

There were so many beautiful birds spread out in all the trees, singing and flying in a magical way! They were dancing all around, so wonderful to see and hear all of them, and they were singing with me.

After singing for awhile, I thought of using my phone and did my best to capture the moment with a video. Here’s how my impromptu video turned out.

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