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How I Fell in Love with Celtic Music

About three years ago, a monk from a South Indian pre-Hindu Shamanic monastery visited me at my home. Before I met him, I didn't even know that Shamanic pre-Hindu monasteries existed, although it makes sense because of the strong connection between the Hopi-Navajo & Tibetan-Hindu cultures. He told me that his traditional teachers in South India had taught him that the Hindu culture originated in ancient Celtic Europe.

About six months after that, as synchronicity and serendipity have it, I met a musician who performs Celtic music. I had studied the classical music of India for many years and was singing my North & South Indian songs. After he heard me sing, he said I had the perfect voice to sing Celtic music and he made me a recording of his favorite Celtic vocal songs.

I started learning the ballads, and they went down as easy as cookies for me!! (lots and lots of cookies) I felt as if I had been singing Celtic Ballads my entire life.

As time went by, I dug deeper and deeper into learning as many Celtic songs as I could find: Irish, Scottish, Welsh, I love them all. I loved them so much that I completely neglected all the other songs I had collected over the years: songs of India, Africa, the Native American, Eastern European and others.

About a year ago, suddenly I remembered the South Indian monk's story. The Celtic-India connection makes perfect sense to me, in an experiential way. I apply the ornamentation and finesse of my India vocal training and translate it over to the traditional Celtic. The songs in Gaelic feel much like the Sanskrit and other Indian dialects I've sung. The vibration of the pronunciation is very similar.

All in all, I'd say we are all connected!

Yes, the Celtic is connected to the Hindu, the Hindu connected to the Tibetan, and the Tibetan connected to the Native American. Gets me to wondering about all the other 'hidden' interconnections between cultures on our planet. Someone recently mentioned the connection between African & Irish storytellers!

. . . and that's how I fell in love with Celtic music

Connie Lee Marie Fisher
February 27, 2004

Note: Michael Talbot writes in Holographic Universe, “In 1982 a remarkable event took place. At the University of Paris a research team led by physicist Alain Aspect performed what may turn out to be one of the most important experiments of the 20th century.”

Aspect and his team discovered that under certain circumstances subatomic particles such as electrons are able to instantaneously communicate with each other regardless of the distance separating them. It doesn't matter whether they are 10 feet or 10 billion miles apart.

Talbot writes about David Bohm, a well known physicist, “This insight suggested to Bohm another way of understanding Aspect's discovery. Bohm believes the reason subatomic particles are able to remain in contact with one another regardless of the distance separating them is not because they are sending some sort of mysterious signal back and forth, but because their separateness is an illusion. He argues that at some deeper level of reality such particles are not individual entities, but are actually extensions of the same fundamental something.”

“If the apparent separateness of subatomic particles is illusory, it means that at a deeper level of reality all things in the universe are infinitely interconnected.”

Some scientists are now recognizing what mystics from many traditions have said for millennium: we are all connected.

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