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Challenge of a Human Being

A voice on the radio said calmly, “This is a test is only a test.” A loud stream of vibrational irritation blasted into the living room. A break in the routine of thought and quiet resonated throughout the surrounding space.

This is a test” . . . the intrusion into her routine. Life has been somewhat smooth and simple. Even the mundane had its place in her world.

She thinks to herself, “I'm on a spiritual path, I participate in ceremonial prayers, and I practice yoga. So, why is this happening to me?”

Once again the radio monotone sound repeated, “This is a test . . . it is only a test." She laughed a nervous chuckle, “Yeah but - I've been praying and meditating. I'm a healer and Spirit should be taking care of me. I'm good to people. This shouldn't be happening to me.”

The Earth Mother rose up twisted vines, rough waters, and dark skies.

Her sweet cry, “Child, how long have I endured the rape of my body and the destruction of my soul?" She reached out from behind a boulder and touched a large cedar tree. Its branches waved and shook silent tears of flaked leaves. “Take this cedar and pray with it, Child.”

Mother Earth wept loud moans from underneath the black river and the Thunder and Lightening Beings bellowed from the clouds. Wind howled and the four leggeds stood on the mountaintops. “Offer me tobacco.”

Grandfather Wind whispered as Eagle circled over the young woman's head. A lone feather floated through mid-air and the breath of Hashtahli blew the Eagle's gift slowly to her gasped. She clutched the tip of the feather in one hand and a pinch of tobacco in the other and prayed.

“Thank you, world, for the test . . . it is only a test.”

I found this story on a Google cached page of dated 3-2-2004






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