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Planets on July 29, 2013

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In general, the Sri Yantra is a cosmogram - a graphic representation of the universal processes of emanation and reabsorption reduced to their essential outline. The diagram of the Sri Chakra is primarily a Matrix (i.e. womb) of nine interlocking triangles.

Five of these triangles have their apex facing downward. They are Shakthi trikonas, the triangles representing five forms of feminine energy, Shakthi.

The other four triangles with their apex facing upward are Shiva trikonas representing the male aspect, Shiva, Consciousness.

In Tantra, the feminine is the active principle; and the male is passive. The Tantra texts mention that Sri Chakra is produced when five forms of Shakthi and four forms of Shiva unite. The intersection of these nine triangles creates forty-three triangles. It is customary to regard the point at the centre also as a triangle. Thus, in effect there are forty-four triangles in Sri Chakra; and these are arranged in nine enclosures (navavaranas), in groups of three. 

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